Front lawn drainage issues

February 7, 2024
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Groundworks and Landscaping works to a lawn that was suffering with waterlogging

This was a job that was carried out and completed by Kieran and Martin. Part of the works for our whole site customer care package for our valued clients. The lawn was suffering from waterlogging causing the turf to die in patches. Kieran and Martin skimmed the turf off before using a micro digger to level the ground and dig out trenches that were required. The decision was taken to create a raised flower bed that would collect the rainwater run off from the property above.  Perforated pipe was installed in the raised flower bed and piped out through the sleepers that had been installed and tracked under the lawn to a drain. Kieran and Martin then laid new top soil and turf and installed plants into the raised flower bed for a fantastic finish and an extremely happy customer.

Process of works

Step by step guide to the process of works

Customer satisfaction

We have had a wet winter period which has tested the work that we carried out and are happy to confirm that the HO has reported back that the lawn works have worked exactly as we anticipated. The lawn drains as it should and is still green all over. The work carried out by Kieran and Martin is exceptional and they left no stone unturned.

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