Repair works to a heritage property in Dawlish

February 14, 2024
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Skilled render works to a heritage building that was suffering with extreme water ingress with previous works not stemming the flow

We were called out to our clients house as they were suffering with water ingress from both chimney stacks on their heritage property. Previous works had been carried out by others so we were asked to inspect and come up with an alternative method of getting them watertight.

Scope of works

An insight of the works that were carried out

The skill is in the technique and attention to detail

Our plasterer Jamie was able to produce a quality finish with basic materials. We agreed with our client a scope of works that would not cost them a fortune or be overly intrusive to them as they had already spent a lot of money in trying to rectify the issue.

After discussions it was agreed that the stacks would not be brought down and re-built as this would be a costly exercise. We came up with a scope of works and techniques that we believed would remedy the issue. It was decided that localised areas would be re-built due to them not being fit for purpose. Our instruction then was to coat the chimney stacks in a sealer which has a 10 year guarantee when open to the elements. We then installed EML to the stone work so that scratch render could be applied. This would now protect the sealer coat from the elements.

A further 2 coats of render were applied on top of the first scratch coat with the latter being floated up. Because the original chimney stacks were in stonework we were of the opinion that the aesthetics of the chimneys needed to be kept in line with the property itself which was also built using he same stone.

Following the rubbing up of the render, Jamie proceeded to freehand the shape of stone into his render work which is something that was discussed before works commenced after discussions around keeping a true reflection of the original build.

Once the render was dry we then used cement dye's to create a natural stone effect which was in keeping with the surrounding environment. We think the work looks great and we even finished it off with another coat of sealer for further protection.

We are so happy

Jamie is an artist and the standard of work was unbelievable. We have been through a winter period with no water ingress whatsoever which is such a relief. Thank you Tectorio.

Mr and Mrs A

The artistry

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