Single storey extension, Newton Abbot

February 14, 2024
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Finding a use for dead space without taking away too much garden

Our client lives in a property in the centre of Newton Abbot. The property is an end terrace with limited access. The existing structure was a single storey extension with low ceilings which was standard for the year that it was built. The client was happy to lose a section of their garden but wanted to ensure that there was still enough space to entertain and enjoy summer days in.

Due to building regulations we had the option to come up with a design that allows the build to commence without the hoops and hold ups that can come with having to gain planning permission. The other option was to gain planning permission for a structure that gives you more space but a slower start time to the works due to the need to wait for works to start whilst building consent is granted.

A walk through of the works

A step by step guide to how works progressed

Completed works

The design that was chosen by our customer was the one that didn't need planning permission. The client's wishes were to get moving with the project as fast as possible and they felt that the options that we offered allowed for the build to create the space they desired without losing any of the main section of used garden.

We were able to extend the space by over double and still stay within regulations. The original extension was narrow and low with the external door at the far end leading onto a small landing area and flower bed. The new design incorporated this space so the flower bed and slabs were removed before the foundations were dug and poured to incorporate all of the wasted space. The build then commenced with the blockwork and floor slab going in in good time. We were then presented with good weather which allowed for the next phase. This next phase was very important as we had decided that the best way to create the feel of a bigger space in a galley kitchen was to raise the height of the roof and that of the internal ceiling..... again, keeping this within the boundary of planning. For ease we raised the existing structure in timber frame and were able to strip out the old roof and create the timber structure for the new roof. The structure was watertight the very same day.

Once the structure was watertight we were then able to carry out the knock through of the wall splitting the existing kitchen to the new extension. As can be seen in the demolition photos the extra space that has been created from raising the ceiling height has transformed the space and gives you a feel of a much bigger space.

Here at Tectorio, we carried out all aspects of the internal works. Our plastering team went in to plasterboard and skim out both the old and new sections before skimming the whole area. They also rendered the structure, both old and new so that the overall finish was aesthetically pleasing for those summer days in the garden.

They were followed by the decorators and electrician before the carpenter attended to install the new kitchen and flooring. Our tiler then attended to install a splashback behind the cooker in a subway brick tile in black which was the final piece of the jigsaw and brought the job together for a very pleasing final finish.

Happy clients

Jamie and Barry oversaw the design and works to our extension and we could't be happier. The Tectorio team were so easy to work with and we are over the moon with the finished work. It is everything and more than what we envisaged.

Mr and Mrs A

Final works

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